Umeboshi Plum on Rice

eat like a japanese grandma

Ume Plum

rare japanese variety

Red Shiso Leaves

natural color and aroma

Yumé Boshi

japanese preserves



Preserving seasonal bounty has been the way of life for generations of Japanese rural villagers and city housewives alike.     

Seasonality (旬 Shun), together with immediacy, is the ruling force behind Japanese culinary tradition. The practice of seasonal preserving such as Ume Shigoto is integral to all Japanese tables — ranging from gorgeous kaiseki meals, zen shojin, to humble home meals. 

 Yumé Boshi stands in line with this tradition.


2018 Good Food Awards Winner

Yumé Boshi Ume Plum Syrup won the 2018 Good Food Awards in the Elixir Category.

Yumé Boshi Ume Plum Jam won the 2018 Good Food Awards in the Preserves Category.