Ume Plum Syrup

Ume Plum Syrup

2018 Good Food Awards winner in the elixirs category!

A Japanese favorite refresher.  Apricoty, tangy, and flowery. This syrup is made solely from ume plums and organic sugar; no vinegar is added. When tree-ripe ume plums sit together with sugar, it produces a pungent syrup full of ume plum's tartness and aroma.

Add the syrup to plain or bubbly water, ratio 1:5, for a virgin drink. Try quick and easy Ume-Tequila Cocktail (1:3 ume syrup and Tequila Blanco, plus a squeeze of lemon juice); always a winner at our house. Cocktail makers love this syrup for its assertive fruit flavor that doesn't get lost in their complex creations.

*Sediment is natural. Shake well to disperse.

Ingredients: ume plums, organic sugar

Net Wt: 13 fl oz      $24.00

Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sun.