Umeboshi Plum – japanese salty plums

Umeboshi Plum – japanese salty plums

Tangy and salty--Umeboshi is a savory plum pickle made of fiercely tart ume plum, colored naturally by red shiso leaves. We achieve our soft texture, bright tartness, and beautiful red color from authentic traditional methods. A Japanese meal staple, long regarded as a folk remedy for hangover and morning sickness. Eat it with steamed rice, add to soups and braises, or use it in sauces. Stronger taste than your usual pickle; a little goes a long way!

It's low in calories yet contains a good amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber -- giving you the most nutrition bang, not just flavor, for your buck.

Large:  net wt 9oz / $29.50        Small: net wt 4.5oz / $19                          

Ingredients: ume plums, sea salt, red shiso leaves

Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sun.