Serendipity Collection 



It has always been a long term goal of Yumé Boshi for all of our products to be ecologically responsible and use all parts of the ume plum, from skin to pit. Our Serendipity Collection is the first step on our journey to get there.

These products are made with love and gratitude utilizing the various byproducts of our original ume goods and pairing them with the unique tree fruits from our good friend’s biodynamic garden in Napa Valley, California. One of the ruling forces of traditional Japanese cuisine is Ichibutsu Zentaishoku, the concept of letting no part of a meal’s ingredients go to waste, be it vegetable or animal. Amazingly, this practice creates unexpected yet unique and beautiful flavors that color Japanese tables season by season. This is where the most joy resides in the practice of preserving, and it is our pleasure to introduce this concept to you. We are grateful for the abundance of California fruits that contribute to this concept.