Red Shiso Syrup

A 2021 Good Food Award Winner!

This syrup's base flavors are red shiso and ume plum. Ume plum flavor is tangy, assertive, and punchy, and has a hint of apricot.

The red color comes from red shiso leaves--the red version of more common green shiso leaves which you often see on sushi. Red Shiso has its own unique aroma--somewhat reminiscent of dark red cherry.

The beautiful red color turns vibrant pink when you add bubbly or plain water. Add the syrup to plain or bubbly water, ratio 1:4, for a virgin drink.

Try a quick and easy Red Shiso Margarita (1:3 Red Shiso Syrup and Tequila Blanco, plus a squeeze of lemon juice). Serve with salt on the rim of the glass.

*Sediment is natural. Shake well to disperse.

Ingredients: red shiso leaves, ume plums, white vinegar, organic sugar

Net Wt: 13 fl oz     $24.00

Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sun. Refrigerate after opening.