Ume & Blood Orange Shrub

Ume & Blood Orange Shrub

In line with our company philosophy of "not throwing away," this seasonal citrus shrub utilizes byproducts from our ume plum syrup with the addition of blood oranges from Napa Valley. The tantalizing blend offers subtle sweetness with flavors of tangy red grapefruit and hints of dark cherries and raspberries. Dilute with still or sparkling water to quench your thirst. Or mix with the spirit of your choice for a citrusy cocktail. The high acidity of vinegar-based shrubs makes these beverages truly easy and quick.

*Fruit pulp sediment is natural. Shake well to disperse.


Ingredients: organic white vinegar, organic sugar, ume plums, organic Lisbon lemon

Net Wt: 12.7 fl oz      $22.50

Shelf-stable. Avoid direct sunlight and a warm/hot environment. Refrigerate after opening.