Salty Caramel Ume Plum Syrup

Salted red shiso leaves were mistakenly added to the buckets of Ume Plum Syrup, thus this truly serendipitous sweet & a-bit-salty syrup came about.  We didn’t know what to do with it, so impromptu aging resulted in the caramelly flavor developing. So there it is — a unique twist on a Japanese favorite refresher with the addition of flavor from salted red shiso leaves! This syrup is apricoty, tangy, and flowery, with a bright and caramel undertone emphasized by the salty component in it.  


Use the syrup to add depth and a refreshing flavor to a variety of drinks, cocktails & mocktails. Add the syrup to plain or bubbly water, ratio 1:5, for a virgin drink. Try a quick and easy Salty Caramel Ume cocktail by adding the syrup to your favorite liquor. The syrup’s salty caramel flavor also makes it an excellent addition to your favorite desserts, ice cream, or even yogurt!


This syrup is made solely from seasonal ume plums, salted red shiso leaves, and organic cane sugar; no vinegar is added, producing an aromatic syrup full of the ume plum’s tartness and flavorsome taste.


Ingredients: ume plum, organic cane sugar, red shiso leaves, sea salt


Net Wt: 13 fl oz $24.00


Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sun.