Ume & Napa Citrus Medley Shrub

A seasonal citrus medley shrub made with ume syrup plums and a wonderful mix of lemon, lime, blood orange, and navel oranges. This shrub syrup is a perfect taste of California summers, grown and harvested locally. It has a complex floral, tart, and sour flavor which is balanced by the sweetness from our aromatic ume syrup plums. The infusion of organic white vinegar gives this shrub a refreshing effect and is perfect for adding to your favorite cocktails, or even plain & sparkling water to create a delicious summer drink. The shrub can also be used creatively in savory dishes: it can add a unique depth to roasted vegetables, or can be used as a marinade or vinaigrette! 

Ingredients: organic white vinegar, organic sugar, ume plums, navel & blood orange, lemon, and lime.

Net Wt: 12.7 fl oz      $22.50

Shelf-stable. Avoid direct sunlight and a warm/hot environment. Refrigerate after opening.