Ume Plum Jam

Ume Plum Jam

2018 Good Food Awards Winner in the preserves category!

It's a must-try jam if you like succulent, plummy, apricot-like flavor.

Unique, complex flavor. Naturally tangy with flowery apricot notes and a slight bitterness. Made of Nanko variety ume plum and organic sugar. At home we eat this straight out of the jar with a spoon. 

Use as a topping for plain yogurt or vanilla ice cream, or serve with rich and mild cheeses.

This years' 2023 limited batch is made with the Nanko ume plum variety. This rare variety is of the highest acclaimed quality with it's thin skin, small seed, and slightly less tart flesh.

Ingredients: ume plums, organic sugar

Net Wt: 5oz    $19.00

Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sun. Refrigerate after opening.