Ume & Ginger Shrub

Ume & Ginger Shrub

A feisty shrub syrup made with tart ume plums and organic ginger.

This fiery concoction adds a bit of spice to your favorite cocktail, mocktail, or carbonated beverage. It can brighten up roasted vegetables with a little drizzle, or even be used for a marinade or vinaigrette! The bold flavor combination of tart, sweet, and acidic comes from the ume plums used to make our delicious syrups. The infusion of crisp organic white vinegar and snappy ginger adds a bite to this unique-tasting shrub.

*Fruit pulp sediment is natural. Shake well to disperse.

Net Wt: 12.7 fl oz      $22.50

Shelf-stable. Avoid direct sunlight and a warm/hot environment. Refrigerate after opening.


Ingredients: organic white vinegar, organic sugar, ume plums, organic ginger