Continued Commitment from Yumé Boshi this Season

As you know, food costs have risen overall this year, and it has affected us as well. Even though June 2022 brought significant declaration in fruit inflation, it still had a double-digit inflation for shelf-stable and frozen fruits and vegetables, according to Fruit Growers News, and inflation remains at a 40-year high.

Rising Costs

Due to the rising costs from our suppliers and in order to keep our exceptional level of quality to produce these yummy products for you, we are increasing our prices starting August 8, 2022. Orders placed before August 8, with the exception of the Red Shiso Syrup, will be charged at the current prices. All orders placed on or after August 8, will be charged at the new prices. 

Plum Sourcing/Product Availability

Yumé Boshi strives to use high quality specific ingredients and our small business is at the mercy of what each season provides. This year had a significantly low harvest of ume plums and there just wasn’t enough plums this season to produce our full list of product offerings. Unfortunately, we were not able to make 2 of our most popular products this year: Ume Jam and Mandarinquat + Ume Marmalade. We aim to offer our jam and marmalade again next season, in 2023, in addition to some exciting  new products that are keeping us busy testing in the kitchen. Stay tuned! We apologize for the inconvenience; we still have the majority of our products available on our website and at retailers. 

Back in Stock / New Flavors

On the bright side, Red Shiso Syrup is back in stock on August 1, 2022. In addition, check out our current citrus shrub flavors available for this season as well. They are Ume + Navel Orange Shrub and the new Ume + Lisbon Lemon Shrub.

How to Purchase?

Click here for the Yume Boshi product collections, and list of our retailers

Yumé Boshi is committed to offering you the quality you expect and deserve, and greatly appreciates your continued business through this time. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Lots of ume plum love,

Ayako & The Yumé Boshi Team



Tip from Ayako:

If you love our Marmalade or Jam and can’t wait until next season, you might want to consider trying our Cultured Ume Plum Jam. This unique jam retains the natural tartness of ume plum, but the overall flavor profile has a more caramelized, delicate taste. While it may not be the same flavor profile as the original ume jam, its velvety texture and mild taste will become a choice alternative and new favorite. It is naturally cultured through our raw maturation process and the naturally cultured probiotics promote good gut health as well. Click here to learn more.