Spiced Fruit Relish ~ ume・mandarinquat・pineapple guava

Our ume plums from the California Central Valley come together perfectly with mandarinquat and pineapple guava from a private garden in Napa. The potent tanginess of fresh ume plums wonderfully complement the sweet, sour, and hearty qualities of the mandarinquats and pineapple guavas. We added warm spices and hot chili for a little kick. A wonderful accompaniment to soft rich cheeses, and great used in duck and pork dishes.

Ingredients: ume plums, pineapple guava, mandarinquat, ginger, organic sugar, organic white vinegar, honey, spices, chili

Net Wt: 5oz: $17.00     

Net Wt: 3oz: $9.00

Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sun. Refrigerate after opening.