Five Seed Crackers with Umeboshi Plum

A crunchy, seedy, and flavorful cracker, with savory umami from our umeboshi pickled plum, with a heartiness from the seed medley. 

This cracker is one of the creations we stumbled upon in our Serendipity quest to not let any product go to waste. We use imperfect umeboshi, that can't be sold as our regularly jarred pickles, smeared on top of the cracker before baking to add a tangy jolt of flavor, and a very small sprinkle of cayenne chili to brighten it up.  A winemaker friend even told us, “There’s umami in this cracker that’ll resonate with the umami in wine!”  Carry this energy packed cracker with you as a “portable breakfast”.  Or use it for your next cheese platter.  It goes well with creamy and mild spreadable cheeses such as burrata, fresh ricotta, and mild creamy goat cheese.

Net Wt: 4.5oz    $11.00



Whole wheat flour, puffed brown rice, rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, canola oil, umeboshi, cayenne chili