Shrub & Spice Sample Box

A taste of our Serendipity Collection shrubs & spices that includes 3 different sample size shrub flavors, and sample sizes of our Furikake & Seven-Spice.  Perfect for a unique gift, or for yourself if you can't decide on just 1 flavor to try. Sample several of our delectable shrubs and spices in this delightful box!  

Box includes:

Ume Plum based shrubs  (3 flavors from below)

    Navel Orange (6 fl oz)

    Pineapple Guava (6 fl oz)

    Ginger (6 fl oz)

Ume Shiso Furikake (0.3oz)

Shichimi Togarashi: Japanese Seven Spice (0.15oz)

Recipe Suggestions Card


Box Price $43.00 (Valued at $50)