Shichimi Togarashi: Japanese Seven Spice

Versatile and delightful, Shichimi Togarashi is a popular spice mix in Japan. Shichimi means “seven flavors”, and Togarashi means “hot condiment from abroad”.  Our special take on this traditional Japaneses spice blends the house dried heirloom red shiso leaves, with takanotsume chili , sansho pepper, local organic citrus rind, ginger powder, hulled sesame, & Alaskan konbu seaweed from Day Break Seaweed Co. 

One very unique component that distinguishes this spice mix is Sansho pepper. It is closely related to the Chinese schezwan pepper, but the flavor is more citrusy, less sharp, while the fragrance is lingering and persistent. Its flavor has a lemon peppery bite that causes a bit of a numbing effect. 

The other heat factor in this mix is the Takanotsume chili. Takanotsume means “hawk claw”.  This spicy chili gets its name because of its resemblance to the bird of preys’ talons as well as its clean and strong spiciness. Shichimi togarashi is typically used as a table condiment for udon noodle soup in Japan. Here in the US, the possibilities are endless.

Some of our favorite ways of using it:

  • On popcorn
  • On ramen soup noodle
  • On miso soup
  • Mixed into compound butter
  • As a last minute table condiment for any dish that needs a bit of a punch -- fish, meat, eggs, soup, etc.
  • On cheese and crackers


Net Wt: 0.5oz    $12.50


Ingredients:  Takanotsume Chili, Sansho Pepper, California Citrus Rind, House dried Red Shiso Leaves, Ginger, Hulled White Sesame, and Alaskan Konbu Seaweed produced by Day Break Seaweed Company.