Serendipity Collection Sample Box

Serendipity Collection Sample Box

A taste of our Serendipity collection that includes 8 samples to fully experience our new line. Perfect for a unique gift, or for yourself to sample a little of everything!  

Box includes:

Ume Plum based shrubs  (2 flavors from below)

    California Citrus (6 fl oz)

    Pineapple guava (6 fl oz)

Five Seed Crackers with Umeboshi Plum (1.5oz)

Ume Shiso Furikake (0.3oz)

Shichimi Togarashi: Japanese seven spice (0.15oz)

Cultured Ume Plum Jam (2 fl oz)

Pickled Red Shiso (2 fl oz)

Spiced Sweet Relish (2 fl oz)

Box Price $55.00 (Valued at $60)